Telemarketing Services Generate Fast Sales
Get New Clients ~ Promote Web Sites ~ Communicate Fast Via Phone

If you want to get new clients, quickly tell your existing clients about a new product or just tell the world about something fast... then telemarketing is the answer! We offer four types of service:

1. Automated Voice Broadcast

  • This is a service using an automated phone blast. We call when instructed, connect to answering machines, voice mail or live connects or both, this way you will have a higher hit rate.
  • We create your 25 second message with a professional voice over script actor.
  • We upload a phone list to our servers of your selected phone numbers. If you have them we will accept a text or csv file via email for this. If not we can get them.
  • We then schedule the call when you want to Blast them out!
  • Minimum Calls 1000, Maximum Whatever You Want, Any Where in the USA & Canada
  • Cost .... Just 20 cents Per Call - Email or Call us at 1-877-336-6505 to get details.

2. Hot Transfer Lead Generation

This is a performance based outbound service where we generate live calls that can be transferred to your office while the prospect is on the line.

·         We create a script and the qualifying questions per your direction

·         We schedule the campaign to coincide when your sales staff are in the office & prepared to take calls

·         This service is designed to primarily be used for consumer marketing to generate leads for satellite dish, security systems, cell phones, mortgage refinance, debt consolidation etc. The cost runs from $20 and up per transfer with a minimum campaign of one week with at least 15 transfers per day.

3. Performance Based Telemarketing

This service is designed to be used for consumer or business applications. It can be used to generate quality leads for many products and services or for live surveys and lead generation.   

·         We target any specific prospects or business types

·         We create an interest and qualify the leads , Great for mortgage, B to B services, Cell Phones and basically any outbound campaign

·         Data must be procured unless you have a current list in a digital format

·         Cost is a flat fee from $10 to $30 based upon the complexity of the lead and the target market. You only pay for completed qualified leads. Plus this service comes with a replacement guarantee, any lead not meeting the agreed upon standards and qualification will be replaced free of charge. Minimum campaign 150 leads

4. Call Center Calling

  • This is an outbound or inbound service where live operators will make your calls for the purpose of announcing a website, setting appointments, generating new clients, up-selling existing clients or whatever purpose you have, even surveys.
  • This is a turnkey service where we do everything from creating the scripts, making the calls and communicating with your office to give you regular orders or appointments.
  • This service is completely custom, we will need to talk to you to discuss the potential for this to work in your business..., plus consumer calling is regulated so we will need to explain that situation to you.
  • Cost ....One time set up fee of $250, database procurement at cost, and $45 per hour for telemarketing with a 100 hour minimum. Call John White at 1-877-336-6505.