Broadcast Faxing Services

If you would like a fax directory of fax numbers by business type call us at 877-336-6505. We have millions of full records on hand that we sell as unlimited use. If you just want fax numbers we can provide these at a very low cost each. Sometimes as low as 1 cent ea.

Fax Service is Generally a Business To Business Service - Broadcast faxing is the most cost effective way to increase new business with existing clients, create new markets or communicate with large numbers of offices quickly.

Our firm has been using this method of marketing for over 10 years.

Plus .. we have been helping our clients to successfully reach their goals because of our vast experience with this medium.

Three Main Elements To Consider:

1. The actual mailer used. There are mainly 2 types of mailers. One is in a letter format and the other is more like a flyer. Each has its place and used properly will produce excellent results. We help our clients design effective mailers using the proper response forms to achieve the best results. Contents include: headline, sub headline, pain, benefits, credibility, offer, free offer, response deadline and response methods.

2. The data base of prospects. You must identify who your prospects are and how many of them are out there. The considerations are: location, business type, business size (sales volume), and their actual need for your product or service. If they do not have "Pain", you will not be able to provide a "Solution". We have a way to help you define your market quickly and we provide this service for free. We have thosands of fax numbers on file and can also obtain any data base available at low costs.

3. Broadcast Faxing. This is the actual process of sending the faxes out. We can fax 1000 or thousands instantly. (Minimum order 1000)


To use Broadcast Fax effectively on new markets we suggest a minimum test of 3 faxes to the same prospects. As in any advertising the more times you make them aware of your product or service, the higher the response rate. The first round may get you a 1 to 2% response, the 2nd can easily double that and a third could put you into a 7% or higher call ratio.

Just like any other advertising Broadcast Fax is a prospecting tool. It will help to sell your service but its primary function is to get people interested enough to call.


We charge a per page delivered fee that starts at 15 cents each and can go down to 5 cents based upon volume. 1000-2500 Cost = 15 cents each / 2501 -5000 = 12 cents each / 5001 - 10,000 = 10 cents each /10,001 - 30,000 = 8 cents each // over 30,000 call for quote.

If we have the data base you are looking for we will provide it to you for free or for a small fee based upon your committment to use our services. For pricing data call or email us.

We provide a Free Feasibilty Consultation to determine if this method of marketing will work for you. Call toll free at 877-336-6505 to discuss your project or ..

Email me at to open a dialog. Please leave a phone number as well as many details of your project as possible.

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Marketing Chief

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