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What can I expect from this business database?


The database is continuously updated from new directories, and is also telephone-verified. It's the highest quality business information available, but it is not perfect. You will still find a small percentage of errors and "out of business" names. It is not uncommon to have 5 - 10% undeliverable names, especially in industries with high levels of turnover.


Choose From 210 Million Consumers


With contact information for more than 210 Million consumers and 75 Million households, this database offers the most comprehensive consumer data available. Covering over 95% of the households in the US, the Consumer database is created by merging approximately 2 billion records from many sources.


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What can I expect from this consumer database?


The database is continuously updated from new sources on a monthly basis. It's the best consumer information available, but it is not perfect. You will still find a small percentage of errors. It is not uncommon to have 10 - 20% undeliverable names, especially in the consumer market. Consumers move on a regular basis.


How do I choose which database to use?


There are many databases, how do I choose which one to use?


Do you sell to businesses, consumers, or both? Here are a few suggestions for using each database. U.S. Businesses Database The country’s most accurate business information nationwide is provided within this database.  


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Brand New Businesses - Updated Weekly


This database includes businesses that have just opened their doors. New business listings are added weekly for the freshest data available. Consider this database if you sell accounting and payroll products, graphic design and printing, insurance, bottled water and beverages, office equipment and furniture, alarm systems, cleaning services, signs, computers, telephone systems, credit card processing services, or temporary help.


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Executives and Professionals


In this database, you'll find Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, Attorneys, Engineers and much more. Now you can talk to the decision makers, the first time you call. And if you sell to consumers, these are your high-income prospects - they have the power to spend money!


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This database is perfect for finding manufacturers with the greatest buying potential. You have immediate access to virtually any manufacturer in the country! Plus, the business profiles and credit rating scores will help you make better key decisions.


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Big Businesses


This is a very popular starting point when you're looking to land huge accounts. These companies are the largest in the U.S. and possess 80% of all corporate purchasing power. If you sell business insurance, investments, executive recruitment, computers and software, marketing and advertising, conference services, corporate training, travel and similar things, this is the right database for you. This database provides over 500,000 names of key executives so you can directly contact a decision maker.


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U.S. Consumers


You will find more than 95% of U.S. households in this database. This comprehensive database is updated monthly and provides demographic and lifestyle information. You can select specific geographic areas. Great for building profitable direct mail programs or creating stronger more effective prospect files.


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Homeowners represent nearly 80% of America's wealth and have a desirable stability and spending power. This database would provide good prospects if you sell insurance, furniture, home improvement, mortgages, lawn care and home security.


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New Movers - Updated Weekly


This database offers 40,000 new movers on a daily basis, 300,000 weekly, and 1.2 Million monthly. Although almost all businesses can benefit from finding a hot new prospect first, this database is ideal for churches, grocery stores, insurance agents, dentists, dry cleaners, daycare centers and restaurants and gas stations.


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New Homeowners - Updated Weekly


This database offers contact information on 70,000 New Homeowners on a weekly basis, and 300,000 monthly. New homeowners are eager and ready to buy products and services for their new home, such as furniture, home décor, and landscaping. They will also be looking for doctors, hair stylists, health clubs and so much more. Get a list of the newest homeowners every week.


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Bankruptcy Filers - Updated Weekly


Over 90,000 business and consumer bankruptcy records are added every month to this database. Getting back on their feet and forming new relationships is a priority for them. These can include electronics, secured credit cards, personal loans, mortgage and refinancing services, furniture, cars, trucks and SUVs, jewelry, appliances, apartments and more.


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Consumers by Ethnicity


Approximately 90 Million U.S. Households are affiliated with a particular ethnicity. Many of these groups maintain a strong ethnic identity and may be great for targeting your particular products and services.


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How accurate is our data?


It's the most accurate database you'll find. But don't take our word for it. Listen to what a customer of ours, Jerry Dean of Cherokee Logistics Inc., says first hand.  “In less than three days I knew this would pay for itself many, many times over.  The information needed to make a decision on prospective sales call is only a click away. The number of employees, how long in business and gross sales are only a very few of the valuable pieces of information afforded to us.


Every single week we update our file with brand new businesses. Then once a month, we update our files with any changes and remove businesses that are no longer open. In one year, the entire database changes dramatically. In fact, it changes by 70% in that one year span. That's what inspired us to give you access to our live, most current information at any time you want.


How do we make our databases better than anyone else? It takes a dedicated team of researchers to individually examine and update records. Next, we personally call every business to validate the accuracy. Nobody else does that. In fact, some companies have computers that do all the work. They randomly search millions of web sites for names. It's just one big data dump with no authentication of where the information comes from or verification that the names are even real. Most are never even updated. Instead, our data is telephone verified so you get nothing but the highest quality, most accurate information. No amount of computer technology can replace that. It may sound like we're bragging, but we're awfully proud.



Our Consumer Data:


We split apart and catalogue 4,300 telephone directories.

Data specialists examine each listing and enhance it with buying habit and lifestyle information from real estate transactions, product registrations, magazine subscriptions, and survey responses.


Every week we release 300,000 new movers.

Every month we match and clean the data with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4 and Delivery Sequence Files to standardize and keep the addresses accurate.


How does the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry work?


If you call consumers at home to sell products or services, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that you remove phone numbers of those registered on Do Not Call lists. We scrub out phone numbers against the registry every week. By law, you must check every 31 days for new additions to the DNC list. If you call someone on the DNC list, that person may file a complaint with the FTC and you could be fined.


Calls made on behalf of non-profit organizations and politicians are exempt from Do Not Call regulations. Calls made to businesses are also exempt from these regulations.


What is a Subscription Account Number (SAN)?


A Subscription Account Number (SAN) identifies that an organization has registered with the government for updates to the National Do Not Call Registry. A SAN is assigned to your organization after the registration is complete and payment (if required) is received. At the end of the annual subscription period, the SAN expires and you must re-register with the government.


How do I get a SAN number?


To register for a SAN number, go to the National Do Not Call Registry website –


What is "Sensitive Data?"


If you market to consumers, some selections such as phone number or families with children will require us to provide assistance in following all the privacy regulations. We're here to help, just call us. After a quick approval process, your list can be released for your use. We hope you can appreciate the care and steps that we are taking to protect you and the privacy of the individuals within our database. Some of the areas that are considered sensitive data are listed below.



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